The realm of Insanity
Hey. You can call me Mari. This is my band blog which has moments of randomness
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Gerard is perfect in every Way

(via thelonelywanderers)

Pete + the white flag

(Source: neuerrs, via she-is-a-m0nster)


Oliver Sykes - Bring Me The Horizon


~ghost town’s going on tour with breathe carolina! 

you americans are so lucky.

Inaugural Post


Hello all and welcome to The Evan Pearce Fan Club

let us all hail the majestic Evan

Thank you have a great day


Ghost Town: Dracula (Speed Painting)

Watch the latest speed painting from Alister Dippner to see how the artwork for Ghost Town’s song ‘Dracula’ came to life!


The hot women in hard rock you never get see on these types of lists:

  • Ariel Bloomer, Renee Phoenix, Nia Lovelis, Taylor Momsen, Danni Monroe, Skye Sweetman & Alecia Mixi Demner (“Mixi”).
  • Icon For Hire, Fit For Rivals, Cherri Bomb, The Pretty Reckless, The Dirty Youth, Sumo Cyco & Stitched Up Heart.
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