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Hey. You can call me Mari. This is my band blog which has moments of randomness
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frnkiero andthe cellabration - where do we belong? anywhere but here

so is this hell or are we even? well i’ve got time to burn. why do we run away from ourselves? faking this calm, has taken it’s toll. to look in those eyes…but i’m having fun pretending i belong. convincing myself that i never got scarred. so no one thinks…so no one knows that someone i love threw me away. someone i love ripped through me but i don’t mind. i’ll be fine. we’ll get by some how.

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Fans onstage with All Time Low during ‘Time Bomb’ - Boca Raton, FL at FAU 9/13

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Rian Dawson + tattos (x)

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My Chemical Romance at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2005 [x]

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a love like war ft jenna mcdougall x

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