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If we sacrifice Justin Bieber, can we have Mitch back?


Reblogging just for Zack’s abs

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I am really sick of people saying Katelynne is only with Kellin because he’s in the band and famous and rich and shit. The pictures on the left were for a photo shoot they did, notice Kellin’s lack of tattoos. He didn’t have hardly any before the band started.
The ones on the right are from the past few years. Kellin and Katelynne met at beauty school, they’ve been in each other’s lives for nearly 10 years. When they got together, SWS was nonexistent. She’s 31 and Kellin is 27 as of the moment (I’m posting this on April 11th, 2014). She’s not fucking 41. That’s ridiculous. She just had a baby less than two years. If Kellin didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have married her. Especially how expensively he did it. He has the money for it but still. He also fathers her other sons, Liam and Rowan. There isn’t really much info of either of the boys and I had to really dig to find anything about Katelynne. She did an interview talking about the early years with Kellin since there’s a lack of public knowledge. She post more pictures of Copeland because like who wouldn’t. Kellin and Katelynne took them to Disney over Thanksgiving break, which isn’t a cheap trip because they live in Oregon and I’m assuming they flew because driving would take way too long. Copeland didn’t go because I think they wanted to spend more time with the boys. Also she’s only 1, so she’d be too small to ride anything and she wouldn’t remember any of it. Katelynne is slightly older, but who cares? It would be one thing if they were so much younger but they’re fucking grown adults, much more mature than most of the ignorant fucks that think she’s 41. She loves her children, and so does Kellin. All three of them. From what I’ve heard Liam and Rowan are from a shitty man who didn’t stick around. Maybe she doesn’t post as many pictures of them because they don’t want pictures ???? Kellin does seem to spoil her but who doesn’t want to? She’s basically a stay at home mom aside from when she models for Anthem Made and does her Youthquaker fashion blog. Katelynne has a lot of help with the kids but they’re all her friends and family. Having three kids is difficult for anyone, so of course she’s going to have some meltdowns every now and then. Like damn bitches leave her alone. She’s a great mother and wife she’s also beautiful.


BVB with animals, your argument is invalid

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